Clearing Up the Gap: Purpose of Brake Pad Shims

Brake pads have a friction padding that is designed to grab the spinning rotor attached to the wheel of your vehicle. This action is what causes the vehicle to slow in speed or come to a stop when you press the brake pedal inside of the vehicle. There are occasions when a brake pad does not rest flush against the surface of the rotor. This could be due to the rotor being worn or the brake caliper not being properly adjusted.

When there is gapping between the brake pad and rotor a squealing noise occurs when the brakes are deployed. This unwanted space can also cause the brake components to wear unevenly shortening the life of the parts.

To prevent these problems within your vehicle's braking system, shims can be installed. These shims sit between the caliper and brake pad to make small adjustments as needed.

The Shottenkirk Ford brake technicians are happy to perform an inspection on your vehicle's braking system to see if shims will make a difference for you. Their knowledge and experience with these complex automobile systems will give you the ability to take more confidence when riding behind the wheel.

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