Why Can't Wait for Ford Co-Pilot360

We here at Shottenkirk Ford can't wait for Ford Co-Pilot360, Ford's new suite of driver-assist technologies. It is the most comprehensive driver-assist suite available on the market, and with good reason. Here's a brief rundown of two of the suite's technologies to illustrate what we mean.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

AEB prevents you from running someone over whenever your reflexes are less than lightning-quick. The system detects pedestrians crossing in front of your advancing Ford and emits warning flashes and sounds. If you fail to brake, AEB stops your Ford for you.

Lane Keeping System

The Lane Keeping System is your silent coach that helps you stay in your lane. The system uses three strategies: wheel vibration, steering torque and drive pattern monitoring/alerts. Wheel vibration indicates you're veering close to lane markers. Steering torque helps you steer back to the center of your lane.

Drive pattern monitoring entails a forward-facing camera mounted behind the rearview mirror. The camera monitors your driving patterns, issuing visual and audio warning signals if you appear to diverge from your normal driving pattern.



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