The 2019 Ford Ranger Can Get You Where You Want To Be

Travelling over rough and tumble terrain is not an activity for the faint of heart. For the adventurer who wants a bit of a break from daily life in Indianola, it's a welcomed pastime. To engage in such activities, you'll need a capable off-road vehicle like the 2019 Ford Ranger pickup.

Your journey to off-road adventure should begin at Shottenkirk Ford where you can get a better look at the Ford Ranger. This beast of a midsized pickup truck has a number of useful features. These include an electronic locking rear differential. Because off-road travel is often unpredictable and rarely level, it's important to always maintain good traction. When activated, the electronic locking rear differential system locks the axle to optimize the level of traction available at both wheels simultaneously.

The 2019 Ranger also comes equipped with a Trail Control system. This driver-activated system manages both throttle and braking at each individual wheel making driving across rough terrain easier. This added level of control allows drivers to keep their attention focused on steering.



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