Are Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles as Good as New Ones?

If you saw a certified pre-owned car at Shottenkirk Ford, then you might think that someone simply drove it up onto the lot and then it got put up for sale. Nothing can further from the truth. Ford actually inspects every pre-owned vehicle they certify, which makes them almost as good as a new one.

In fact, the automaker now offers a comprehensive limited warranty on these cars that's not much different from the one that they include with new ones. In fact, they even come with a powertrain limited warranty coverage policy on top of the limited warranty.

The company's 172-point inspection is the reason Ford puts so must trust into these vehicles. Every single pre-owned car, truck and SUV that the company processes has to undergo it and any problems have to be dealt with before they're put back on the lot.

Take another look the next time you see a Ford cruising the streets of Indianola because there's a good chance it's not being driven by the original owner!



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